Serious Business: Digital Strategies To Boost Corporate Donations


Join iWave and Frontstream for as they present 'Serious Business: Digital Strategies To Boost Corporate Donations'.

You already know that companies in your community are looking for meaningful corporate social responsibility projects to support. Are you using every online technique you can to encourage employers, employees, and their extensive social networks to donate to your cause?

Corporate support of your nonprofit organization can go so far beyond making a pitch and getting a check!

Through fresh case studies and benchmarking industry data, this session will demonstrate how non-profit organizations can use inbound marketing techniques to increase corporate donations.

Plus, you'll learn the following:

  • How to build effective prospect profiles and target the right corporate partners online.
  • How your events, volunteering opportunities, and fundraising projects can match what employees tell their employers they want from their workplace experience.
  • How optimizing your online donation forms and Call-to-Action items leads you to “hidden money”.

DATE: August 15th 


Jill McCarville |  VP Marketing, iWave
Claire Kerr | Director Digital Philanthropy, Frontstream