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iWave’s wealth screening for nonprofits is built on a foundation of customization and transparency that is the first of its kind. It enables development departments to segment hundreds or thousands of existing donors and donor prospects you know very little about into a prioritized list with the greatest capacity and inclination to donate a major gift to your nonprofit organization. 

What Makes iWave's Wealth Screening Tool Different?

360 View of Your Prospect: Get a comprehensive view of your prospect, focusing not only on an individual’s capacity but also their propensity to give, and affinity to your cause.

Transparency And Customization: Have confidence in the wealth screening results because scores are completely transparent and tailored specifically to your organization. iWave shows you how scores were derived and what records were matched.

Fast Results: Wealth screening results are returned in minutes or hours rather than days or weeks.

Current Data: Profiles stay up-to-date because you can add new information and refresh results at any time.

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