Webinar: The 3 Keys to More Confident Fundraising

WinspireWebinar [Recovered]

Join iWave and Winspire for as they present '3 Keys to More Confident Fundraising'.


Fundraising intelligence is a powerful strategy focused on developing data-informed major gift asks. Historically organizations have used fundraising intelligence to find individuals who have wealth to donate to their cause.  This is no longer enough. 

Learn how to go beyond wealth to understand the propensity and affinity of your prospective donors - do they have a history of giving and are they interested in your cause. . This webinar will feature detailed breakdowns of propensity, affinity, and capacity ratings, including strategies to rate your prospects.


DATE: September 5th, 2018

Jill McCarville,
VP Marketing iWave
Ian Lauth,
VP Fundraising Winspire